Annemare Rijnbeek is a perfectionist. Her work is not a free flowing story of impressions that come together, but a pure and concentrated concept of dreamt thoughts and images realized. There’s nothing in her canvasses that isn’t finished, not even the empty or the created spaces. Technically she doesn’t make mistakes. She is in control of her materials, however divers and she controls her compositions almost mathematically. Still she creates (magically?) a certain chaos that does not make the spectator feel as if they have to follow a certain lead in reading her work.  As viewer you are fascinated by the unreal reality, that has nothing to do with surrealism, but is the consequence of a combination of recognizable objects (pictures, pages from books) with painted moments of thoughts set free. The poetry of the brush is near. Annemare once described her work as ‘ gracious canvasses with a hidden power ’. The power is indeed not in the perception of the first impression, but is set free while observing the work for a longer period of time which makes you finally see what is happening on the canvas.

It takes some effort from the viewer to get a dialogue with the work. The process of looking becomes like the process of painting; from nothing, the unknown, an idea grows that will only rest when recognized. Color is very important: from convincing black to subtle, almost translucent. It all has its place within the image on the canvas.

An idea grown still, giving the opportunity to spark and hand over the thoughts of the artist. And balancing between the different elements in the composition one finds utter peace.