An idea forms in my head. It is influenced by colors, shapes, all things visual.

I examine it, toss it around, ponder on it. I try to forget about it to see if it will haunt me. I envision different shapes it might take before I go to sleep.

Then all of a sudden it takes form and stays. That is when I need to produce. Sometimes quick sketches, even words in my notebook. Then on canvas. It grows and changes while making it and is a different process and feeling every time. The paint surprises me, my hand, new ideas. So many possibilities to choose from.

I am looking for these surprises, for me and for the spectator. I want my work to spark joy, wonder and to make room for contemplation. Emotion, wanting to touch the painting or looking up very close to find beautiful details. Seeing something different every time. At times I see my older work and I think: "How did I do that?"

You can contact me by email:,                                                  phone: +31648933429 or DM me on Instagram @annemare.artist